You already know that 5-hour ENERGY® shots are among the most profitable items in your store. That’s why you sell them. We appreciate that loyalty — and we want to help you sell even more.

You want to sell more. We want to help. But first you need to join the 5-hour ENERGY® Retailer Rewards program.

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Why? Because when you sign up for the 5-hour ENERGY® Retailer Rewards program, we will send you a free merchandising kit designed to help you sell 5-hour ENERGY® shots. It includes:

  • Penny tray
  • 3-tier rack
  • Window cling
  • Price stickers
  • Dangler
  • Side wings

and awesome perks and benefits.

Once you become a 5-hour ENERGY® Retailer Rewards member, you will also receive:

  • Regular emails about marketing programs and promotions, new flavors, displays and products
  • Information on how to get free 5-hour ENERGY® merchandise
  • Marketing materials that help increase sales of 5-hour ENERGY®
  • The chance to participate in special promotions

Only one 5-hour ENERGY® merchandising kit per address submitted. You automatically become a member of the 5-hour ENERGY® Retailer Rewards program once your application has been approved.

Promotional items are subject to change. You may opt out of mailings and messaging at any time.

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