5-hour ENERGY® and Skupos are offering Retailer Rewards members the chance to earn more money on every bottle they sell.

Starting July 5, retailers that enroll in Skupos Engage will be eligible to get a 2- to 3-cent rebate per bottle from Skupos. And they’ll also earn an additional 1-cent per bottle rebate for bottles sold through two-for promotions. That’s up to 5 cents of added profit per bottle.

Earning more on every bottle is easy. All you have to do is:

  • Join 5-hour ENERGY Retailer Rewards Program or Be an active Retailer Rewards member
  • Join Skupos Engage
  • Choose a six- or nine-SKU planogram of the top-selling 5-hour ENERGY flavors
  • Set up your display and start selling

For every bottle sold from your six-SKU assortment, you’ll earn a 2 cents per bottle rebate.


Or if you choose to carry the nine-SKU assortment, you’ll get a 3 cents per bottle rebate.


And if you offer 5-hour ENERGY shots at two-for $6 or less discounts, you’ll receive an extra 2-cent rebate per bottle.