Your competitors are selling 100+ units
of 5-hour ENERGY® per week.
How do they do it?

Here’s how…

  1. Place 5-hour ENERGY® at multiple locations within your store. One 15-box rack at the register plus at least one secondary location (end cap, floor display, or next to the coffee station). If the consumer sees 5-hour ENERGY® they buy it.
  2. Keep displays full and clean looking. Having any flavor out of stock has a huge negative impact on sales.
  3. Advertise your pricing clearly and include any multi-unit discounts.

More 5-hour ENERGY® = More money

  • 5-hour ENERGY® is one of the highest performing impulse products with a whopping 50% gross profit, generating $1.58 to $1.64 per bottle.
  • Top 5-hour ENERGY® retailers sell an average of 127 units per week. That’s around $11,000 per year in gross profit just from 5-hour ENERGY.®

The 15-box rack

You get 180 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® packed into a footprint that’s 18.5 x 12 inches. That = gross profit of $1.31 per square inch… some of the most profitable inches in your store.

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