Why add 5-hour ENERGY® to your
vending machines, micro markets,
food service or hotel pantry?

  1. Gross Margin Dollars: 5-hour ENERGY® earns a whopping $.80 per linear inch at front end.
    Compare that to meat snacks ($.36) and gum ($.20).
  2. Market Share: 5-hour ENERGY® accounts for 91% of all energy shot sales dollars nationwide.
  3. Free Merchandising Solutions: 5-hour ENERGY® offers merchandising solutions for vending machines, micro markets and coolers. Best of all, they’re free!

Free merchandising solutions 

NEW! Cooler Shelf

Now you can serve 5-hour ENERGY® ice cold! This gravity-feed rack lets you add 5-hour ENERGY® to your cooler without sacrificing other SKUs.

5-hour ENERGY® Cooler Shelf

Vending Spirals

Specially-designed for 5-hour ENERGY® shots, these spirals serve up perfect vends every time.

Vending machine spirals

Solutions for your markets

2 Tier Magnetic Wire Rack - #R21001

Free 2-Tier Magnetic Wire Rack
Item # R21001

3 Tier Wire Rack - #R30003

Free 3-Tier Wire Rack
Item # R30003

2-Tier Wire Rack R20003

FREE 2-Tier Wire Rack
Item # R20003

2 Tier Ave. C Wall Display

FREE 2-Tier Ave. C Wall-Compatible Rack
Item # R2WALL

3 Tier Ave. C Wall Display Rack

FREE 3 Tier Ave. C Wall Display Rack
Item # R3WALL

Acrylic Cooler Door Rack - R10004

FREE Acrylic Cooler Door Rack
Item # R10004

The perfect product mix

Our most popular flavors have proven to be top sellers in vending and micro markets. In fact, 5-hour ENERGY® sales are up 10% in your channel.

5-hour ENERGY® Shots Top Sellers

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Source: IRI retail audit, Nielsen 52 weeks ending 5/18/19 and 2018 NACS Estimated Margins. ©2020 Living Essentials Marketing, LLC. All rights reserved.