Bigger baskets can mean bigger profits

Whether your customers stop in every day or once a week, here’s how to make the most of every customer visit

Are your regular customers coming in less often than they used to? A lot of convenience store owners seem to be noticing this trend.

If there’s an upside to customers stopping by less frequently, it’s that in many cases, they’re compensating by spending more when they do come in.

Research has shown that customers are strongly influenced by options such as quantity when making buying decisions. Offering products in bundles can increase the average amount that customers spend.

A great way to increase sales to your less frequent, but larger basket customers, is by offering 2-for promotions on 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

5-for sles are the best way to increase your customers' basket buying habits

Using the price structure that’s right for your store allows you to maintain profits. Selling 5-hour ENERGY® shots at two bottles for $7 offers customers a value proposition without cutting into your margins. Or offer your customers a discount: Pricing 5-hour ENERGY shots at two bottles for $5 is a great way to drive sales volume.

No matter the price point you pick, 2-for promotions provide customers with attractive buying options while keeping your profit margins solid.

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