Top Impulse Purchase

When displayed in a well-stocked three- or nine-tier countertop rack, 5-hour ENERGY® is a top-performing impulse purchase. Highly portable and highly profitable, customers are drawn to 5-hour ENERGY® shots for the great taste and alert, energized feeling they provide. 5-hour ENERGY® dominates the energy shot category, with an 90% market share.

Cherry, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Burst Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® Shots

Always Innovative

The makers of 5-hour ENERGY® shots are always monitoring the market and working to create new flavors and innovative, category-leading products. Distinctive tastes such as Tropical Burst Extra Strength, Strawberry Banana Extra Strength and Cherry Extra Strength excite customers and give retailers more items to sell.

Most Profits Per Linear Inch

Few products have the profit margins of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. 5-hour ENERGY® generates $1.50 in profit per linear inch of counter space, which is among the highest of any convenience store category. Not even chips, soda or candy can offer you the moneymaking opportunity of selling 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Linear Profit
5-hour ENERGY® 90% market share in independent convenience + 100% commitment to product innovation + $1.50 Average Profit Per Bottle.