It wasn’t just toilet paper and cleaning supplies that retailers were having a hard time keeping in stock during the early months of the pandemic.

Along with those household essentials, many convenience store owners also discovered that anything packaged in aluminum cans was also hard to come by, including beer, soda and energy drinks.

And while paper products and disinfectants have largely returned to store shelves, canned drink products are often still difficult to find. Blame the aluminum can shortage on a pandemic-induced shift to in-home beverage consumption and a continuing need among many consumers to stock up whenever they have the chance.

But even with the end of the pandemic coming into sight, the situation isn’t expected to get better anytime soon. Major can manufacturers such as Ball Corp. say that demand is still exceeding supply, even as it and other suppliers invest billions to increase manufacturing capacity.

With supplies tight, many distributors are starting to allocate stock, leaving independent C-stores, which lack purchasing power, with the potential for empty shelves — and upset customers.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your shelves full, your energy drink customers happy and maintain your store’s profits: Fill that empty shelf space with 5-hour ENERGY shots. No other front-end product offers the margins of 5-hour ENERGY, and those profits hold no matter where you choose to display your 5-hour ENERGY stock.

Unlike energy drinks, 5-hour ENERGY shots don’t come in 8-, 12- or 16-ounce aluminum cans. Each one comes in a convenient, resealable less than 2-ounce plastic bottle. There’s no shortage of raw materials for our energy shot containers. Sell all you want; we have more.

Many drink makers have scaled back production, only filling orders for their most popular SKUs and suspending the manufacture of slower-selling canned products. In contrast, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY continue to offer a full line of more than 15 delicious flavors for store owners to sell. If you need more bottles, it’s as easy as contacting your distributor.

As you navigate this materials shortage, remember that the 5-hour ENERGY℠ Retailer Rewards program is here to help. We are always available to discuss merchandising options and offer tips on how to maximize your energy shot sales.

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