Have you ever bought an appetizer because the waitress recommended it?

Or ordered cake after the waiter asked if anyone wanted dessert?

Restaurants have long used suggestive selling to boost sales of their high-profit menu items. You should be employing the same techniques in your store to sell more 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Every customer who stops in for a quick snack or pick-me-up is a potential 5-hour ENERGY® sale:

  • Shift workers stopping in late at night or early in the morning
  • A.M. commuters picking up a quick cup of coffee
  • Regular shoppers grabbing snacks for the week

The key is knowing what types of products naturally pair with 5-hour ENERGY® and recognizing customers who are receptive to finding out more about them. Then, suggest adding them on.

Oftentimes, simply mentioning 5-hour ENERGY® and pointing to the countertop sales rack is all it takes to close a sale. Or if customers are already buying one 5-hour ENERGY® shot, ask them if they’re interested in a money-saving 2-for deal or four-pack of their favorite flavor. They’ll appreciate the suggestion — and the extra boost when they need it.

Another way to upsell 5-hour ENERGY® is by placing branded point-of-sale items in places where customers are likely to see them, such as near coffee stations and coolers. Many of these shoppers are already looking for a boost, and the reminder that 5-hour ENERGY® is available can be all the suggestion they need to make a purchase.

Encourage your employees to mention 5-hour ENERGY® shots at every suitable opportunity. When customers come to the register with a cold energy drink or hot coffee, train employees to ask if they want to purchase a 5-hour ENERGY® for later.

It’s easy, and it works for all sorts of products in your store. Try it today.

Profit comparison

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How does 5-hour ENERGY® stack up?

5-hour ENERGY® offers twice the profit per linear inch when compared with any of the popular brands in their respective categories.1

1Source: Convenience A IRI retail audit, Nielsen 52 weeks ending 5/18/19 and 2018 NACS margin report.