Is your store’s cooler looking a little bare these days?

Is it driving up your electric bill and not generating the revenue it used to?

Has the aluminum can shortage turned those once-full shelves into half-empty spaces?

Here’s an easy way to get that underused equipment back to its full profit potential. Stock 5-hour ENERGY® shots in your store’s cooler.

No other convenience store front-end product offers the margins of 5-hour ENERGY. You already know that. What you may not realize is that you can generate those same profits when you also sell 5-hour ENERGY in the cooler.

Why carry 5-hour ENERGY in the refrigerated section? Because it’s a natural complementary product that attracts your busiest customers.

At suggested retail prices, 5-hour ENERGY shots command a 50% profit margin. That’s better than many of the food items typically found in C-store coolers, such as desserts and dairy products.

5-hour ENERGY easily pairs with the cold sandwiches and hearty snacks that hungry shoppers favor. Offering a special bundle price on sandwiches and 5-hour ENERGY shots is a great way to drive sales of two high-profit items in your cooler.

Woman shopping at convenience store open-air cooler.
5-hour ENERGY shots are a profitable addition to your store’s open-air coolers.
Woman talking on cellphone while looking at refrigerated beverages.
Busy shoppers are heading to the refrigerated section to look for their favorite cold beverages.

The right product in the right place

As Americans return to their regular routines, they’re going back to C-stores.

They’re heading for the refrigerated cases. It’s where they used to find their favorite canned sodas, energy drinks and ready-to-eat meals.

But thanks to tight aluminum supplies, many drink manufacturers have cut production. And some distributors continue to limit canned beverage stock. Independent C-stores that lack purchasing power are stuck with empty shelves. Especially in open-air coolers.

Fill that space with profitable and portable 5-hour ENERGY. In a refrigerated case that usually has large containers, 5-hour ENERGY shot bottles will stand out. Your customers will notice them.

Maybe they’ve never tried a cold 5-hour ENERGY shot. They’ll love the unique taste of 5-hour ENERGY chilled. The alert, energized feeling they provide adds a new dimension when shots are taken cold.

Most important to you: 5-hour ENERGY shots offer bigger profits than canned beverages.

Heat up your profits this year. Sell 5-hour ENERGY shots cold.