Street Team 5 member assisting with sales advise and answering questions
Street Team 5 is a group of representatives who work with independent convenience stores to improve 5-hour ENERGY product sales. Assistance can range from providing new price signs to installing updated sales racks.

Imagine it’s a Tuesday afternoon at your store. Not too busy. After the noon rush, you’re grateful for a little time to take inventory and restock.

“Sandwiches sold well today,” you think to yourself.

A moment later, a chime sounds, and a woman wearing a 5-hour ENERGY polo shirt walks in. She asks to talk to the owner, and if it’s a good time.

Your eyes narrow.

“I’m the owner,” you say, a little uncertain. “I have a few minutes.”

“Great!” she replies. “How are your 5-hour ENERGY sales?”

“Not bad,” you reply. “They could be better.”

You pause for a moment.

Sales advice and solutions

“Well, let’s see what we can do,” the representative says. We want to help you sell more.”

She walks a few feet over to your sales rack. The labels are peeling and slightly faded.

“Your rack looks a little worn. Have you thought about putting up a new one?” she asks. “Here’s a list of the best-selling flavors, which will look great on a new rack.”

She hands you a sales sheet with SKU numbers and bar codes.

The representative looks over your front counter. She has a suggestion.


New merchandising ideas

“This rack is pretty far away from your cash register,” she says. “What about moving it here?”

She motions to a spot near the register. It currently has some lighters and a small box of individually wrapped candies.

“We find that 5-hour ENERGY® shots sell best close to the register,” she says. “Can I put a new rack up for you? I have one in the car.”

You look the representative over. You’re not sure.

“How much will it cost? I’ve had this rack for a decade. It still works,” you say.

The representative smiles.

“Nothing,” she says. “I’m with Street Team 5. We want to help you sell more 5-hour ENERGY.”

Street Team 5 member assisting with new merchandising ideas
Street Team 5 can provide convenience stores with new sales racks to increase 5-hour ENERGY’s sales and the visibility.
Street Team 5 member assisting with store displays
Street Team 5 educates store owners on sales techniques as well as installing point-of-sale displays.

Free POS materials and education

That scenario is what Dan Vander Schaaf, the senior director of retail operations with Street Team 5, says he hopes happens every time a Street Team 5 representative walks into an independent convenience store. By educating owners and providing free point-of-sale materials, the team aims to increase the visibility — and the sale  — of 5-hour ENERGY products.

“Our goal is whatever products that they carry, that they’re merchandised cleanly and effectively so the consumer has the best possible experience,” Vander Schaaf says.

That outcome is good for Living Essentials, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY, and c-store owners as well, since the shots are among the most profitable items a store can sell, he adds.

The process isn’t always quick, Vander Schaaf says. It can take a few visits over several weeks or months to help a store maximize its sales potential. It starts with an on-site evaluation of the store layout and a discussion of what shot flavors are selling.

“Each store layout is different,” he says. “We can customize a solution for that store because we’re physically there.”

New sales racks or collateral

Then, depending on the owner’s interest level, that solution can involve expanding the size of a sales rack, installing more racks, or adding point-of-sale materials. Representatives often talk about the importance of only selling 5-hour ENERGY products out of branded displays to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Street Team 5 wants to be seen as a partner. And Vander Schaaf says it’s not designed to be a short-term relationship. Representatives stay in touch with store owners, stopping by to check in or let them know about upcoming products and promotions.

“Together, we can sell some more stuff here,” he says. “We have proven ways to help drive business. Our team is expanding into more areas of the U.S. We would love the opportunity to help drive the business together in independent convenience stores.”

Want a Street Team 5 representative to talk with you or visit your store? Contact Retailer Rewards to get in touch.