Empty shelves can mean empty profits — and upset customers.

Nothing turns off customers quicker than a C-store that doesn’t have the items they’re looking for.

In fact, not having a product in stock increases the chances that your customers are likely to leave without purchasing anything — and they may not come back.

You can’t take risks like that. Keep your customers satisfied — and returning — by ensuring that your most popular (and profitable) items are always in stock — like 5-hour ENERGY® shots. Your 5-hour ENERGY® rack should be full of your best-selling shot flavors so they’re always available when customers need them most. It can mean a boost in energy for them and a boost in profit for you.

“I wish convenience stores would learn to keep items in stock. When they’re out of what I want, I move on to another store.”

—Facebook comment from 5-hour ENERGY® customer