Stocking the right flavors can make all the difference.

Although 5-hour ENERGY® shots come in many tasty flavors, carrying all of them isn’t the best way to maximize sales.

Instead, focus on stocking the top-selling flavors that your customers expect to buy every time they walk into your store. These are the familiar tastes that 5-hour ENERGY® consumers know and love, such as:

  • Berry Extra Strength
  • Grape Extra Strength
  • Tropical Burst Extra Strength

There’s an ideal product mix for every size countertop display. So whether you have a 15-box display, a nine-box stand or just a three-tier rack, stocking the right 5-hour ENERGY® shots flavor assortment maximizes your profit potential.

Not sure what you should carry? Here’s an order sheet with our current bestselling flavors.

Download Fix the Mix Order Sheet

Don’t waste valuable display space. Stock the right assortment of 5-hour ENERGY® shots on your counter so the top-selling flavors are always within easy reach of your customers.