Your usual customers.

The regulars.

The people who come in daily to pick up the same items.

You might think they’re not looking to change up their routines.

But when it comes to consumers who purchase 5-hour ENERGY® products and other energy beverages, research shows they’re eager to try new flavors.

In fact, according to food and beverage industry research from Mintel Group, flavor variety is the most important purchase consideration for energy beverage consumers.

And when it comes to flavor variety, there are two flavors that consumers like to see in the mix: tropical fruit and watermelon.

Watermelon flavor Extra Strength Energy Shot
Watermelon is fast becoming the 5-hour ENERGY® number one flavor.

Consumer research firm Nielsen says tropical flavors are the fastest growing flavor category in independent convenience stores. Compared with 2021, tropical flavors were up 31.9% or $84 million in sales through May 2022.

Watermelon is also surging in popularity. Mintel says 53% of consumers have tried watermelon-flavored beverages and like the taste. Another 14% say they’re planning on trying a watermelon-flavored drink soon.

So, it’s not surprising that watermelon is the fastest growing energy beverage flavor at independent convenience stores. Nielsen says watermelon is responsible for a $51 million increase in sales over last year and 18% of the category’s growth.

Fortunately, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY offer two energy shot varieties that capitalize on this trend:

Tropical Burst has a sweet combination of pineapple and apricot flavors. Watermelon Extra Strength is the official taste of summer that consumers know and love.

All are deliciously profitable for you.

Consumers are excited about these flavors. Watermelon 5-hour ENERGY is the fastest growing item in the independent convenience energy shot category, creating $4.3 million in incremental sales. And 5-hour ENERGY Tropical Burst is the No. 2 fastest growing product in energy shots. Nielsen says it represents $4 million (27.1%) worth of growth in the independent convenience energy shot category.

Tropical Burst and Watermelon Extra Strength Energy Shots
Stocking up on Watermelon and Tropical Burst flavor Extra Strength Energy Shots can potentially increase your sales.

Don’t miss out on this sweet sales trend. Contact your distributor to order Tropical Burst and Watermelon flavor 5-hour ENERGY shots today.