Imagine a product so popular that its sales more than double in a year.

And so profitable that no other product in its category can approach its margins.

There is such a product: It’s Tropical Burst Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Consumers love the fruit taste and the energized feeling the shots provide.

You’ll love the profit on every bottle sold.

Here are three more reasons why Tropical Burst is the 5-hour ENERGY® product you have to stock.

  1. Top 3 fastest moving flavor by velocity.
    In the past year, Tropical Burst has surged to the third-fastest selling flavor after Berry Extra Strength and Grape Extra Strength. *
  1. Tropical flavors are a hot trend.
    Today’s consumers are looking for warm-weather tastes that remind them of vacation. Tropical Burst Flavor 5-hour ENERGY shots are tailor-made for such moments. Its pineapple and apricot flavor always says “sunshine.”
  1. A customer favorite now and in the future.
    Millions of 5-hour ENERGY fans can’t be wrong. Tropical Burst has generated more than $9 million in product sales in the last quarter. And with sales growing 96% over the last quarter, it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon. You don’t want to miss out.*

Carry Tropical Burst Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shots. Scan this barcode or contact your distributor to order.

*(Source: : Nielsen AOD, 52 Weeks Ending 9/11/2021, Convenience, $/$MM ACV)