Is the secret to selling more 5-hour ENERGY® shots as simple as carrying more flavors? According to a recent case study from a national convenience retailer, the answer is yes.

Our category management team studied to see if offering additional flavors would increase sales. At select locations, they increased the number of 5-hour ENERGY SKUs from five to anywhere from six to 10.

Stock more flavors, sell more 5-hour ENERGY

The study showed that stores which carried more flavors grew sales more than those that stocked fewer. And the more SKUs a store stocked, the more sales and revenue grew per week.

For example, adding just two SKUs led to a 38% increase in dollar velocity, with average weekly per-store revenue growing from $75.62 to $104.45. The impact on unit velocity was even more pronounced: The number of bottles sold went up 47%, increasing from 20.1 to 29.5 units per week.

Stocking additional SKUs had an even greater impact on sales and revenue, the study says. Carrying eight or nine SKUs resulted in a 13% increase in dollar velocity, with per-store sales reaching $117.70. Weekly unit sales increased 10%.

The biggest jump took place in stores carrying 10 flavors. Those outlets saw a 57% spike in dollar velocity, with per-store sales averaging $184.32. The effect on unit velocity was stronger still, with unit sales increasing 69% to an average of 54.6 bottles per week.

Simply put, carrying more 5-hour ENERGY flavors not only gives consumers more choices; it actively boosts sales, too.

Is your store ready to see its sales velocity skyrocket? Upgrade to a 12- or 15-box 5-hour ENERGY rack today.